Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Hilarious pictures post – Your daily dose of nonsense

Hilarious pictures post – Once upon a time a new week had sneakily kicked in, and its arrogant master of ceremony (aka Monday) greeted you with his usual vicious grin. By now though, most of you have – somehow – managed to survive, and those of you who still have a few hours to pull through will, no doubt, be catching up with the rest of us very shortly. Indeed, the time has come to chillax a tad and if you’re currently looking for a handful of quality chuckles please feel free to dig into our latest collection of Monday funnies!
Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Hump day funnies – A collection of hilarious pics and memes

Hump day funnies – Are you currently hopelessly surfing the web without any real destination, simply looking for a few spots to kill/waste time while you clearly should be attending to far more serious duties? Perfect, search no more then as our virtual playgrounds is thrilled to welcome you on its grounds for a brand new edition of Hump day funnies. Spoiler alertHilarious memes & funny pictures are the name of the game today, so buckle up buttercup and let the scrolling begin!
Wishing you a facetious PMSLweb moment!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Funny memes and pictures – A funny bone collection

Funny memes and pictures – A funny bone collection

Funny memes and pictures – Happy Tuesday everyone, we hope that the new week has been treating you good so far and that Monday (or should we say Monday, that little brat) wasn’t too harsh on you. No doubt that closing the door behind the little bugger was somewhat of a relief, but sadly enough the weekend is still far… In order to keep those spirits high, how does a little funny bone grooming sound? If you’re up for a handful of rollicking chuckles search no more and without further ado give our latest selection of riotous memes and pics a shot.
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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hump Day craze – A funny picture dump

Hump Day craze - 
Hilarious Picture Dump– Happy Hump day y’all and happy July 4th to all our awesome & crazy fellow yankee doodles, we defo hope that you have an amazing one lined up! In all cases, congrats to each and everyone for reaching the most important milestone of the week, and if you’re currently looking for a few quality chuckles in order to kickstart the celebrations or just a good destination to unwind, why not give our latest funny picture post a shot?
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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Tasteless humor – Dark humor at its finest

Tasteless humor
 – DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the following humorous post features humor that some may consider as despicable.
Indeed, is it okay to laugh about anything and everything? Probably not. Notheless, who can truely say that, while surfing the web, they have never laughed at something completely tasteless they had stumbled upon… You can be the most loving, caring and tolerant person in the world, human nature is just what it is, period.
Dark and offensive humor has been around since the dawn of time and more than often tends to emphasize in a gruesome way what is clearly wrong with the world: Intolerance, sickness, stupidity, etc…
We do acknowledge that most of the topics covered in today’s post are not sujects that should usually be prone to mockery. Believe us or not we did actually go through a thorough pre-selection of the pictures we had stocked up on beforehand and those that we judged far too savage didn’t make the cut.
Finally, before we let you dig in (at your own risk), we find it important to point out that this post doesn’t reflect any personal opinions/positions. Indeed, while we sure do make fun of morons and human stupidity on a daily basis – and without any shame whatsoever -in our every day lives we absolutely do not mock peeps with a syndrome or hit by sickness, do not support any form of genocide nor do find a starving child entertaining, quite the contrary.
Anyway long story short, if you wish to add to your list a reason why you’ll be going to hell, please follow the guide…
Wishing you a shameful PMSLweb moment!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

World cup 2018 memes – And other football funnies

World cup 2018 memes – And other football funnies

World cup 2018 memes – Well here we are. Today begins a brand new edition of the most notorious football competition to have ever seen the light of day: the one and only FIFA World cup!
From June 14th until July 15th, our friend Vlad welcomes each and every football lover to follow the adventures of his “Sbornaya boys” (and the 31 other teams, evidently) during this epic tournament.
In order to celebrate the FIFA World cup Russia 2018 in a lighthearted manner, we’ve spent some time scavenging the entire web in order to find some of the most hilarious World cup memes & pics (and we defo must salute the creative juices whom have made today’s post possible – you guys are on fire).
Wishing everyone an excellent 2018 World cup!
The PMSLweb team.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Tuesday LOL pictures – Funny pics and memes

Tuesday LOL pictures – Funny pics and memes

Tuesday LOL pictures
 – How are the focus and productivity going so far? Obviously, if you are currently still at work and reading this, chances are that they are not doing so good… Hey, it’s ok chill as there’s no way in the world that we are judging you, on the opposite, we defo are rooting for team YOU! Need a solid suggestion as far as a destination for quality procrastination is concerned? Search no more and dig in our latest collection of Tuesday funnies!
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